Effective Industrial Cold Maintenance

Industrial cold is defined as a technological activity to design, build, implement and maintain refrigeration machines, as well as their facilities. Many companies need industrial cold maintenance to maintain a low temperature for their products, without being too cold to cause cold stress.

The sectors that benefit from an industrial cold maintenance service are varied, fruit and vegetable, industrial, food, logistics, pharmaceutical or hospital sectors, meat industry, food handling, or quality controls.

Periodic reviews and preventive industrial cold room maintenance tasks extend the useful life of this equipment, vital elements in the aforementioned sectors, both industrially and commercially. Also, all those focused on preserving and storing food or other elements in ambient conditions, specifically to prevent deterioration.

Ignoring preventive maintenance can lead to high condensing pressure, poor cooling performance, and much higher energy consumption.

Important issues about industrial cold maintenance

Below we are going to explain some important issues that must be taken into account so that this industrial cold maintenance is effective.

Monitor Temperature

The maintenance of each element is unique based on its functionality and objective: while there are cold rooms that are around 0 degrees with high humidity that are used to keep food fresh for short periods, there are also those with high thermal insulation that is ideal for preserving food long-term frozen.

Whatever the case, it is vital to monitor the atmosphere and air conditions, and humidity of cold rooms to ensure maximum effectiveness.

It is also essential to pay attention to any change. However small it may seem, for which it is necessary to monitor the temperature constantly. This can be done by installing continuous monitoring systems, systems that monitor the temperature and report any unwanted changes.

Frequently Check the Refrigeration Panels

The refrigeration panels, being finished with a paint coating that is normally food-grade, require impeccable hygiene. However, not just any product is suitable. If it is very aggressive it can damage the coating, some do not comply with food health regulations, etc. So you have to be very careful.

Monitoring the compatibility of cleaning products with the lining of the panels is essential to ensure that we are sanitizing and not putting the food inside the cold room at risk.

If you see that the panels of your cold rooms deteriorate, and after calling the professional, you can anticipate the process by extracting the products that are inside. This will prevent them from being contaminated.

Control of the Doors of the Cold Room

Much of the responsibility for everything to work properly in a cold room rests on the good condition of its doors. To ensure this, it is important to check the exterior and interior coatings that are not damaged. Check the durability of the weather strips and replace them at the slightest suspicion of breakage or insufficient adjustment. Check the heating resistance, guides and rollers, and the exterior handles, as well as interiors, and keep all fittings and closures greased.

Maintenance Carried Out By Professionals

The recommended time to carry out preventive industrial cold maintenance is every six months. However, the most specialized measures for the proper functioning of your cold room can only be carried out by professionals such as American Walk-In Cooler (AWIC)Cold Storage Warehouse Construction Contractors.

Just as not performing any preventive maintenance measures is detrimental to equipment, poor industrial cold maintenance could be even worse.