Lighting For Events

Light Lamp Spotlights - Free photo on Pixabay

At FM American Disk Jockeys we consider that lighting is one of the most important parts of the production of a corporate event since it allows for creating the perfect atmosphere to transmit the values ​​of your company. We have the best professional and technical team in Buenos Aires for lighting company events such as product presentations, incentive meetings, company dinners, and congresses. At FM American Disk Jockeys we are experts in comprehensive audiovisual production of corporate events, providing solutions in the field of sound and video if required.

LED Event Lighting

We are the reference company for LED event lighting in Buenos Aires. We have the latest wireless LED spotlight technology to create unique lighting compositions. Light has the capacity to generate sensations and at FM American Disk Jockeys Audiovisuales we know how to create them through the great possibilities offered by LED technology. Using digital software, we create unique designs and configurations for each space.

Architectural Lighting

Adapting the lighting to the place where the business event is held is extremely important. At FM American Disk Jockeys we develop a study of the space within the lighting project. It does not matter if they are interior or exterior spaces, we get the most out of architecture through careful lighting. We have worked on stages in Buenos Aires such as the Casino de la Exposición or Casa Guardiola.

Comprehensive event production service

In addition to lighting, at FM American Disk Jockeys we can help you in the production of your corporate event with the latest audiovisual technology. We have a state-of-the-art projection and audio system. Contact us to find out about our comprehensive services in event production for companies. Count on FM American Disk Jockeys for the audiovisual production of your event